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It’s A Wooden Nickel Win-Win!


More On the Menu Fundraiser

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Jimbo’s…Naturally! donates $13,211 to Second Chance!


Join Us for our Customer Appreciation Sale

Each year, Jimbo’s identifies a unique non-profit organization to serve as the beneficiary of our Customer Appreciation Sale. This organization will receive 5% of the entire day’s sales from all five stores. When customers save 5% on their grocery bill, they also have the option of donating their savings to this organization. We are proud to present SECOND CHANCE as the beneficiary for this year’s event.

Join us for a party: 12:00 to 4:00 PM

Friday, April 21st @ Horton Plaza
Saturday, April 22nd @ Carlsbad, Carmel Valley, 4S Ranch & Escondido

Learn more about SECOND CHANCE and the wonderful ways they are helping our youth and our community: Jimbo’s APR 2017

More on the Menu fundraiser generated $10,335


Jimbo’s…Naturally! donates $13,775 to Butterfly Farms!


Anniversary Sale Recipient: Butterfly Farms


7th Annual Summer Food Drive generated $7,702.31!


Promises2Kids fundraiser generated $10,889.08!

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