Support San Diego - Jimbo's...Naturally! is committed to bringing you new and exciting local and/or artisan products.

Support San Diego

At Jimbo’s…Naturally!, we want to enhance the customer shopping experience and become a destination for unique, local products. Our Buying Team is committed to sourcing new and exciting local and/or artisan products that sets Jimbo’s…Naturally! apart from the competition.

Look for the Support San Diego logo throughout the store!

San Diego based businesses and/or products that are manufactured or produced in San Diego County, and most often delivered directly to the Jimbo’s…Naturally! locations, thereby maximizing freshness and quality, and minimizing the carbon footprint. For 25 years, Jimbo’s has proudly supported local organic farms and businesses. The relationships with these local organizations are at the heart of Jimbo’s!

Click on the vendor profiles below and learn more about San Diego companies that Jimbo’s…Naturally! supports:

Are you a local producer?

We are always looking for new and unique local goods to carry at our stores. If you would you like your product to be considered for the Jimbo’s…Naturally! Support San Diego program, please fill out our Support San Diego Submission Form.