Uncooked Turkey Reservations

There are three easy ways to reserve your turkey:

1 Use our Online Reservation Form:

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2 Visit the Customer Service Booth at any Jimbo’s location


3 Call your local Jimbo’s (Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm only):

Carmel Valley (858) 793-7755
Carlsbad (760) 334-7755
Escondido (760) 489-7755
4S Ranch (858) 432-7755
Horton Plaza (619) 308-7755

If you need to modify an existing reservation, please contact the store you selected as your Store Pick-up Location.

We are accepting turkey reservations starting at 8am on Monday, December 2nd through 5pm on Tuesday, December 17th. All reserved turkeys must be picked up starting Thursday, December 20th.

We will try our best to reserve the turkey size you request, but sizes are subject to availability, and therefore not guaranteed.

  • Size and product subject to availability. We do our best, but cannot guarantee size, especially in the smaller sizes.
  • Please select one weight range per turnkey. We cannot reserve “between” sizes.
  • All turkeys sold at Jimbo’s are free-range, free of drugs, antibiotics, preservatives, animal by-products, additives and hormones.
  • All turkeys are uncooked with an ice cap at 28 degrees to retain freshness.

As always, Jimbo’s is committed to offering you the highest quality products. We are proud to carry turkeys from both Shelton’s Turkey Ranch and Diestel Family Turkey Ranch. Please see below to learn more about each company and the turkeys.

Shelton’s Poultry

About Shelton’s

Shelton’s has been raising premium poultry since 1924. Jimbo’s has been proud to offer Shelton’s turkeys to customers for the past 20 years.

Shelton’s All Natural Non-GMO Turkey

Specially raised in outdoor range pens to give the meat a firmer texture, called “Free-Range” growing. Their turkeys are not fed or injected with any antibiotics or artificial growth stimulants to make it grow faster. Their turkeys are also not fed any animal proteins.

Shelton’s Philosophy

A free-range environment, a drug-free diet that they have developed, proven and refined over the last half-century, and clean, careful processing procedures.

For more information, please visit: www.sheltons.com

Diestal Family Turkey Ranch

About Diestel

Family owned and operated since 1949 in the Sierra Nevada foothills, it’s one of the last small, family-owned turkey grower processors in the United States. Their farming practices are committed to their turkeys living in harmony with the environment and allow them to grow slowly and naturally, with plenty of room to roam on their ranches. Diestel turkeys are fed a 100% vegetarian diet, and they never administer growth stimulants or antibiotics. Diestel assures all of their products, both organic and all-natural, are produced under strict animal welfare standards.

Diestel Natural Non-GMO Turkey

These turkeys are raised on a wholesome low-fat GMO-free vegetarian diet of quality grains and soybeans milled on the ranch—free of growth stimulants and antibiotics.

Diestel Organic Turkey

Heidi’s Hens, Diestel’s organic brand of turkey, are fed only certified organic feed, a diet that is 100% free of animal by-products, GMOs, antibiotics, growth enhancers or hormones. Diestel knows you’ll love how juicy, tender and full of flavor their turkeys are. The care they take in sustainably raising and processing their turkeys really makes a difference.

Diestel Organic Heirloom Turkey

In keeping with the tradition of the family farm, Diestel proudly carries their American Heirloom Collection of old-fashioned turkeys—just like great grandma served. These heirloom turkeys enjoy the large open fields covered in grass and shaded by large oak and pine trees. All heirloom birds are fed a diet that is 100% free of animal by-products, GMOs, antibiotics, growth enhancers and hormones. Diestel heirloom birds are certified organic resulting in premium turkey that is tender, juicy and exceptionally rich.

For more information, please visit www.diestelturkey.com