Jimbo’s…Naturally! Named Diligent Dozen – Top 12 Grocer by ORCA

Diligent Dozen LogoThe Organic Retailer and Consumer Alliance (ORCA) named Jimbo’s…Naturally! as one of the top 12 GMO Right-to-Know Grocers, also known as the “Diligent Dozen”.

The “Diligent Dozen” winning stores are those grocers who are leading the natural food industry by working with manufacturers and local producers to transition to non-GMO ingredients and by advocating for GMO labeling.

Jimbo’s…Naturally! is honored to receive this recognition and hopes to inspire more retailers to follow suit.

GMO Practices

Manufacturer Communication

Jimbo’s…Naturally! is one of the country’s pioneer Non-GMO grocer activists and organic advocates. The company has persuaded a number of manufacturers to remove suspect products from their foods, resulting in those companies either going organic or pursuing Non-GMO Project verification. Other stores have also contacted Jimbo’s…Naturally! for advice on going in the same direction.

Product Removal Process

Store products that were grandfathered in are being weeded out and replaced department by department. The company expects this process to be completed within 6-12 months. Sometimes products are dropped immediately, or offered only until there is a readily available replacement. Providing GMO-Free supplements is going to be challenging, the company said.


Jimbo’s…Naturally! has several thousand Non-GMO Project labeled products on their store shelves. The stores are Non-GMO Project Participating Retailers, and Jimbo Someck is a member of the retail advisory board of the Non GMO-Project. Jimbo’s…Naturally! donated $10,000 to support Prop 37 in 2012.

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